Is it okay to be selfish?

Being selfish at the expense of other people – never ok. At times it is perfectly reasonable to be selfish. The other day I had suffered a terrible sleepless night but I had plans with a friend. I knew I would be poor company, grumpy and uncomfortable, probably adding very little to any conversation.

The day itself was beautiful – the first essence of real summer. Bright, warm sunshine, birds chirping away merrily, and no cloud in sight. I decided to be selfish and told said friend I was not able to meet up any more, could we defer to another time.

Instead I took myself off down the coast, 50 minutes driving along and singing at the top of my voice (badly), to a wild place. A place I had only visited once before, wide open marsh land with a small huddle of shops that sell craft beer, expensive home furnishings and accessories, a pottery barn, antique store, boutique, art gallery and craft shop.

I meandered around the outlets and wondered peacefully around a small trail within the bulrushes. I felt a sense of calm wash over me, I relaxed and the feeling of tiredness disappeared and replaced with peacefulness. By the time I got home (hours later) I felt refreshed and sociable. My act of selfishness had been necessary, benefitting more than just myself, it benefitted my family too because I was far nicer and in a better emotional place.

Sometimes it is ok to be selfish.


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