What do you need more of in your life?

This prompt has really interested me today, I have sat and thought about this deeply and done my best to be unbiased towards my own behaviour.

What do I need more of in my life?

More genuine and gracious gratitude along with less judgement.  I have tried living with more gratitude and saying thank you throughout the day but the feeling of genuine appreciative gratitude still avails itself to me most of the time.  A sneering unpleasant lingering of resentment still shrouds my efforts.  What should I be thankful for something I don’t want or doesn’t quite meet my expectations?

I also spend a lot of time still judging actions – mine and others.

I catch myself driving to work and thinking that tosser in front drives dangerously or wrong. But apparently I should be ignoring their behaviour and instead be thankful for my ability to drive safely and how their driving is not causing me any harm.

I remain judgemental over my actions, usually concluding I am not doing my best or I should be doing more. But more of what? More meditation, more kindness, more selflessness, more generosity, less eating, more exercising, less frowning and more smiling.

I need more genuine gratitude of being alive, breathing, being healthy and surrounded by a lot of abundance.


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