Where do you dream of traveling next? 

There are expectations and dreams to travel to exotic places and far away destinations such as Germany, France, Bali, Cuba and Austria. Then there is curiosity to explore the homeland – walk where Chaucer travelled, trace a scientific route and inspiration for National Parks where John Muir once went. Although the next holiday is already booked and it will be a fine, cultural adventure in Italy (Florence), the next place on the list afterwards is a little homeland. Weekend trips to Canterbury, Kent and Bath. Several National Trust properties are built into that list and a single weekend may not be enough but enough to provide a flavour of what is there and what to go back for later.

Canterbury: An historical English city within Kent, a popular pilgrimage to Thomas Becket’s shrine housed at the cathedral until the Dissolution of the Monasteries.  Inspiring Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales it is consistently one of the most visited cities in England.

Bath: Previously visited on a school trip it represents the romanticism of Jane Austen novels, strolling the famous Royal Crescent.  Various historical roman baths dotted around along with architecture museums, Holburne museum, art exhibits and umpteen other places of historical interests. Bath must be one of England’s oldest centres with a wealth of art, culture and education to be shared.

Of course there are other adventures too such as revisiting Cheddar Gorge, Buckfastleigh, and Gardens of Heligan. There is a long list to get through and plenty of time to enjoy each and every place.


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