What’s one thing you quit that you want to pick back up?

This is a personal prompt today rather than a prompt to write from my imagination. So what is one thing I quit that I would like to take back up?  Dancing.

I loved to dance ever since I was little. I began ballet classes when I was three years old and then moved on to ballet and tap from five until I was about seven.  The class was cancelled but I still danced at home. In fact I used to dance so much that I went through two carpets in the conservatory before I was 14 leading my Dad to buy special flooring used in studios.  That particularly became useful when I had to rehearse routines for my dance GCSE exams.

After school my dancing took a back step. A knee injury meant I had to reduce what I was doing, then it became only for leisure that I would dance e.g. clubbing.  I haven’t danced properly for years – a sequence of steps that moves you around the room rather than jigging on one spot and only shaking your hips.

A friend reacquainted me with ‘real’ dancing last year by taking me to a ceroc class. I loved it but I was terrible! I was shocked by how much rhythm and movement I had lost – my head doing one thing and my feet doing something else and neither resembling the teachers examples.

Dancing is something I would love to take back up again – for pure joy purposes. Dance is a beautiful way to express yourself and shake ‘it’ off!


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