The turning of the season

Yesterday I bathed in the sweet warm sunshine in my garden. All the scents around me sparkled like glitter, tasting sweet and succulent. The sun set behind the shed and as the pink and yellow glow engulfed across the skyline, the pale white moon rose. It ascended the sky in beautiful tranquil beauty and the sky turned navy.  After an hour the first bright star appeared and twinkled like a little bell. Summer bade farewell and closed her eyes for her nine months of slumber.

This morning as the sun rose, the leaves stretched and crackled their stiffness free; dew set upon the grass wetting toes and paws as we walked on.

The air was crisp and fine, a different scent filled the air. Akin to a light dusting of cinnamon and metallic dampness filled the air.  The ash tree flopped its branches down and swayed in the cool breeze. This transformation happened overnight, one day previous it was summer and this morning it is autumn.

Short days and long evenings await, by a warm fire and cosy nook you will find us, curled up with a book (and marshmallows).

Natures transformation is subtle but quick, I stand in awe of her eternal beauty and fierceness.

May your harvest be plentiful.

Carlton Marshes, Lowestoft


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